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2009-02-04 15:46

  1. To explain where the applicant has got the information about the vacancy. For example, he can learn it from his friends, or in the advertisement, or in some papers, or he just wants to try his luck.

  SAMPLE: Having noticed the enclosed advertisement in this morning's South China Daily, I wish to apply for the position of sale's manager.

  2. To Present personal information. This part should be a description of the applicants age, sex, education, working experience and specialty. It is in this section that the applicant presents his advantages or qualifications for the position. Details are encouraged, but the applicant should bear it in mind that exaggration or false descriptions are not allowed in the letter.

  SAMPLE: I am 21 years of age. After graduating from high school, I took a two-year business course in Foshan Commercial School, studying both bookkeeping and typewriting. I now wish to enter an office where the work requires great individual responsibility and judgment, and where there is an opportunity for achievements.

  3. To claim your referees(推荐人).The applicant is well advised to enclose in the letter the names as well as the addresses of two or three referees after he has got their permission. Referees are of great importance for obtaining a job, for they are the best and most persuasive support for the condidate's potential, merits and strength.

  SAMPLE: I have obtained permission to give the names of the following persons as references: Professor Song Xieli, Director, English Department, Haitai University; Mr. Wang Qing, Manager, Human Resource Department, Chinese Import & Export Corporation.

  4. To inquire the chance of an interview.

  SAMPLE: I should welcome a personal interview at your convenience.

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